Brockhill Country Park

Brockhill Country Park – Ash Dieback

Brockhill Park Case StudyAsh dieback represents a substantial threat to the UK’s trees and forests. The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback, often leading to the death of the tree.

It was first detected at a number of sites in the UK in 2012. Trees suffering from symptoms have been found widely across Europe.

Brockhill Country Park in Kent noticed the effects of Ash dieback in some parts of their park and so ATEC-3D conducted an aerial survey to help identify infected trees. Using a fixed wing UAV we surveyed an area of just under 0.5 km2 in approximately 20 minutes, and were able to provide the Park with a large orthomosaic image of the area.

ATEC-3D intend to conduct a second flight in the coming few weeks to help monitor the spread of the disease and identify particular areas requiring immediate attention.

Aerial Survey Images

Brockhill Park Aerial Photography Brockhill Country Park 3D surface model Brockhill Park photographic overlay Brockhill Country Park digital surface models

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