Our UAV Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) weigh only a few kilogrammes but can fly in light wind, rain and also underneath cloud cover. They are extremely safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

ATEC-3D use a variety of UAV’s depending on the requirements of our customer. UAVs are generally classified within one of two main categories: fixed wing or multi-rotor. Fixed wing UAVs just like an aeroplane have the advantage of being able to fly at high speeds for a longer duration. Unlike others, our UAV’s can operate on even the roughest terrain and need minimal space to land.

Sensefly The eBee UAV

Multi-rotor UAVs typically have a shorter flight range but have the advantage of being able to hover, take-off and land vertically. Their ability to hover enables the operator to concentrate on specific areas while the required data or images are gathered.


More Images of our UAVs

Atec-3D eBee Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV

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ATEC-3D's UAV Operators

Our UAV operators are all fully CAA approved and RSQ qualified.

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