Bathymetric studies started out by lowering a piece of rope over the edge of the ship and waiting until it hit the bottom, giving a semi-accurate idea of depth. Thankfully more modern technology can be used in the form of echosounders, much like a bat uses echo-location to get a projection of the inside of a cave, the multibeam echo-sounders use hundreds of narrow beams to obtain a highly accurate map of the seabed below the surface. A full Bathymetric survey of an underwater landscape would allow us to produce a full digital terrain model (DTM) and provide a highly accurate topographical map of what is hidden from sight. 

Using our ECT400 Echosounder we can conduct surveys of submerged terrain up to 100 meters deep, providing an accuracy of 0.2% and a resolution of >1mm. Using a radar altimeter we can maintain a constant steady altitude with +/-5cm drift accuracy and a +/- 2cm height accuracy.


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