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ATEC-3D have been using drones to provide roof and building inspections for several years and find it to be the most time and cost effective way to inspect those hard to reach areas. We use small, unobtrusive aircraft that cause the least amount of disruption to residents, businesses or other members of the public in the area. Inspections using our drones with high resolution cameras can often be used to discover hard-to-see problems and can be provided to a roofing professional to rectify those issues. Problems often found include broken concrete, slipped tiles, crumbling chimneys, blocked guttering and many more.

Why use a drone?

Cost effective

In comparison to scaffolding, drones can come in at under 1/3 of the cost and an inspection can be done in a fraction of the time.

In most cases, scaffolding companies will hire for a minimum of 7 days, at an average cost of £750-900 per week (2 storey property).

We can inspect a 2-3 storey property in under 4 hours. Our average 1/2 day rate is £250 (excl. VAT). For this price, we will transfer all images taken of your property to you via a digital cloud service or via a USB transfer on site. The images are of high quality and can be passed directly to your chosen roofing professional.


By using a drone, our pilots will cordon off a 10m safety area to take off and land in before safely conducting a roofing inspection with our feet firmly on the ground. This provides you with the peace of mind that you and your family are safe in your own home whilst inspecting potential problems. If you are worried about our drones being near your property, each of our craft are fitted with failsafe measures which include proximity sensors and return-to-home functionality in the unlikely event of an error with the craft. Due to these sensors, our craft are not able to get too close to your property and are at optimal distance to capture the best imagery possible.

How do we operate?

At ATEC-3D, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. Due to this, we like to keep our clients as involved with our operation as possible. We invite our clients to be on site whilst we conduct our inspections and we will provide them with an external monitor to our craft so that they are able to see any problems live on the screen. This also means that if there is a particular area of interest that they hadn't thought of pre-flight, the client is able to direct us to those specific areas mid-flight.

Upon completing a flight, the client is able to chose whether they would like to transfer the images from the craft to a flash drive/memory stick via a USB transfer or we can send the images via a cloud transfer service once we return to the office. Both of these possibilities are very easy and take very little time so turnaround is not an issue. 

If you require more detail on your roof/building and would like a detailed report, we can provide this at an extra cost of £50 (excl. VAT). This can be shared with your roofing professional who is able to add photos and comments to the report in order to build a full overview of your project and required works. The report is able to depict exactly where on the property the issue lays. Below is an example of our reporting system:

scopito 1.png

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