Corporate Training

In the several years that we have been operating as a training establishment, we have provided corporate training to various companies in order to train their staff on the use of drones, their advantages and the PfCO certification course. 

We are able to visit your premises to deliver a training session to your staff in order to educate them on the following:

  • Introduction to Drones

  • PfCO course

  • Task based, craft specific training

  • Air Law and General Airmanship

This style of training is better suited to organisations that require education for 5 or more people. This tends to be a much more convenient way of training for the client and allows the staff members to stay close to their familiar surroundings. It is proven that people learn more when they feel comfortable and can absorb the data more efficiently. 

Our most delivered option: Introduction to Drones

Useful for corporations that have a desire to use drones in their work and may or may not already have a drone that they wish to be trained on. This course consists of a theoretical session delivered by our instructors, followed by a practical flight session. This is particularly useful to put into practise the information that was learnt in the theory session. This can usually be completed in 1 day.

Thinking about a PfCO?

For those organisations that are unsure whether they should apply for a PfCO of their own, we also offer a service where you can work in "association" with ATEC-3D. This allows you to focus solely on the operational side of flying the drones whilst we take care of the administration and regulatory changes. This is a much more cost effective service and we only charge a small monthly fee to ensure that your operations run smoothly. 

For more information on any of the above, please contact us: 

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