DAFNE Project


What is DAFNE and what is our role within it:


DAFNE is a four-year project funded by the European Union under the H-2020 Research and Innovation Action category. This project is based within in the Zambezi river basin and the Omo Giba Turkana river basin in Africa. It investigates how water and food are managed in these areas. The central objective of this project is to assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of expanding energy and food production within the physical and political contexts where natural and social processes are strongly interconnected To find out more information about this project, follow the link here: https://dafne.ethz.ch/

Our role within this project is to provide the Orthomosiac, DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and multi-spectrum imaging so we can provide Geo-located and some accurate imaging of the desired these Basins within the Zambezi area within a two-centimetre area, rather than a two-metre area, meaning that we can pinpoint the exact location of the information that is needed, This entire Project will be spanning over the next 4 years, so our role will be very in depth throughout the entire project.


UPDATE: We have been flying in Zambia with the DAFNE Project and now are processing the necessary information like creating Digital Surface Models alongside Orthomosaics and finding the Water levels in the crops from farms in the local areas. We were also lucky enough to capture some truly amazing videos and pictures of our journey, check out a few of them below:


UPDATE: With September back at us again we go to fly out again in Zambia, for round 2! We will be getting similar data as before, looking for things such as Digital Surface models, Orthomosaics, Multi-spectral imaging and even Thermal imagery! We are flying out for the month and doing many different flights in and around Zambia for the amazing cause of the H-2020 project.