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The A2 CofC is a remote pilot competency certificate primarily intended to assure safe operations of drones close to uninvolved persons.

You will need an A2 CofC when you are flying in:


The Open Category

 Operating in the A2 subcategory;

Operating in the A2 Transitional subcategory;

Operating in the A1 Transitional subcategory.

  • CAA approved course delivered by our experienced, professional instructors.

  • Sit your theory test and train remotely

  • Face to face training option in a choice of settings will be available


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ATEC-3D have been a recognised training entity of the CAA since 2017, our team of professional drone pilots have flown commercial operations all across the world, working for governments and private companies alike. Trust ATEC-3D to provide the best and most in-depth training and give you the best value for money.

ATEC-3D are currently awaiting CAA approval for our new RAE status which will allow us to train pilots in the A2 Certificate of Competence and GVC (General VLOS Certificate) Watch this space!

ATEC-3D's training philosophy has always been to teach our students how to fly safely and within the various regulations and we have no intention of changing this by teaching people how to 'pass the exam' rather than teaching them what they need to know, and then testing that knowledge by examination.


Always Prepared

GVC certification comes in four segments, each with a specific purpose and are all key in the personal development as candidates as competent pilots.

  • Flight Theory Training

  • Theory Examination

  • Operations Manual review

  • Practical Flight Assessment

Having passed two examinations and making sure that your operations manual is in line with the CAA guidelines, ATEC-3D will then award you with your GVC certificate. You can then apply to the CAA for operational authorisation, the easiest way to do this is using PDRA01 which will give you permission comparable to STANDARD PERMISSION under the former PfCO.


(Check back here often or enquire at for opening offers!)