Environmental Monitoring

Everyone needs to start thinking about the environment and what we can do to give back to the earth that gives us life. ATEC-3D take tremendous pride in the work we have done for the environment. Creating DSM (Digital Surface Models) and using point cloud data, we can produce geo-rectified 3D models of the landscape. This gives our clients data which is immeasurably valuable in maintaining their estates and properties and keep their local environment safe for all wildlife.

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Vegetation Mapping

Vegetation Mapping has been at the forefront of the environmental monitoring aspect of ATEC-3D. Recently working with major companies to map a site of significant environmental importance. Creating DSM (Digital Surface Models), Point Cloud and high quality Orthomosaics, ATEC-3D have been able to assist in the conservation of one of the most unique sites in the whole of Europe. Providing extensive data relating to growth of Vegetation, area covered and percentage increase over a 5 year period. 

Vegetation Monitoring

To the right of this text is the monitoring of Ash Dieback. Left is 2019 right is 2013. Commonly this fungus in its sexual stage is harmless to ash trees and grows on them without issue, However in its Asexual stage, will attack the bark and causes up to 85% mortality rate on affected areas, both Fungi are identical in appearance but not in genetic make up. Using aerial imagery and scanning we help forestry's and parks monitor the affect and spread of this deadly fungus, will is threatening the extinction of the European Ash Tree completely.

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