Magnometry  Survey

Aerial Magnetometry surveys can date their birth back to world war two, when they were primarily used in the detection of submarines by studying the variation of magnetic anomalies beneath the waves. This method is still in use today by world militaries.

However more industrial uses have been discovered in recent times, most commonly the use in mining exploration. Using the same technique as the military use, aerially flown Magnometrics can survey vast areas to determine viable mining sites, minerals in the ground such as Iron Ore or Magnetite are detectable and measurable using magnetometers suspended below aircraft, these provide accurate geophysical data that is essential in the placement of drill holes and infrastructure development. However, the elucidation of the Earth’s crust is often what is most important in these surveys.

Recently UAS flown Magnetometry surveys have been used to detect unexploded ordinance. The benefits of this method of survey are first and foremost, no loss of human life. It is also a cheaper and faster alternative that tentatively searching with a metal detector.


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