Marketing is a key aspect of any successful business, without marketing no one would know your business exists. At ATEC-3D we can offer unique marketing options, in this segment you can browse our options and choose which one is best for your company. We have created marketing videos for many different companies, the worlds smallest commuter railway the RHDR, Kent County Council and their country parks department. 

Aerial Property Photography

Aerial property photography and videography has many uses, however our favourite has to be for marketing. Our pilots love to create beautiful videos that highlight and capture the beauty of a location, Broom park captured above is just a small sample of what we have created in this particular field. This is perfect for stately homes, hotels or other business that need to showcase their fantastic facilities.

Event Photography and Videography

We always enjoying getting involved in events, no matter the size, location or nature. Nothing quite beats the buzz you get from a War and Peace rally, Air Show or Gala of steam. With the later being captured in stunning HD in the video above. This service is one of the ones we look forward to the most, and we jump at the chance to help you document your fantastic event. 

 Project Time Lapse

Project time lapse photography is the best way to document the evolution of your project. In the video above, we performed an aerial time lapse on Hythe gardening services work on a clients home and garden. This quality piece of marketing allows you to display not only the quality of your work, but the length of time taken. Issues and obstacles that you overcame to achieve the perfect finish can be highlighted and pointed out, to really show off your services to prospective clients.


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