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Mining Support

ATEC-3D Aerial Drone Solutions have worked on mining projects all across the world, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Oman, Zambia, Canada, Zanzibar, C'ote D'ivore, Mozambique, Gabon, Wales and England are just a few of the countries in which we have operated and assisted in the surveying, documenting and mapping of potential and active Mining sites, with a family history in the mining industry, mining is our forte.


Orthomosaic Photography

At ATEC-3D aerial drone solutions we use a quite ingenious technique which involves taking thousands of separate high definition photographs, each one of them equating to no more than 1 square inch of the actual map size and sowing them all together to create an Orthomosaic image. In the example above of a Colliery in Wales, this photo contains nearly 4.4 million HD photos to create a spectacular HD image.

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DSM (Digital Surface Model)

This is the 3D version of the Orthomosaic image that was presented in the option above. Using this 3D version, ATEC-3D are able to calculate volumes, yields and profits of the substance mined. We can analyse the ground, identify areas at risk of flooding, and water flow. Line of sight is calculable, and can help in the placement of towers, pits and buildings.

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Mining Planning and Operations

ATEC-3D systems will give the operators an up to date awareness of precisely what is happening in all sizes of open pits including: Stripping and re-vegetation, Excavated areas and volumes, Face positions and Equipment positions (items such as shovels, excavators, drills, pumps, pipelines, roads, etc.)

These can all be identified and plotted as part of the data package

Drains, drainage systems, stockpiles, dumps, dams and tailings management facilities can be measured and monitored.

Knowing this information will allow the efficient planning of day to day and long term operations, and more effective monitoring of contractors.

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Mine Exploration

ATEC-3D can provide detailed and up to date aerial photographs & Digital Terrain Models of remote sites. This will allow features to be seen that are otherwise not easily visible from the ground, such as outcrops and alteration zones. This enables accurate exploration planning that saves time and reduces cost.

Alternative camera equipment can provide different spectral data to allow  non-visible spectrum imagery to be gathered to help the interpretation of geology and mineralisation.

Airborne data can be gathered and accessed almost instantly and repeatedly once all necessary permits are in place.

Specific areas can be flown as necessary; there is no need for large airborne surveys.

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What Else Can We Do?

  • Stockpile calculation

  • Asset management

  • Inspecting aerial conveyors using thermal cameras

  • Stem counts for crop compensation and conservation

  • Before and after Land Profile Mapping

  • Monitoring earthworks

  • Blast analysis

  • High resolution imaging of mine interiors.


3D Mine Scanning

ATEC-3D internal scanning can provide hgih quality accurate internal scanning of any mine, using the POI system, we can plot areas of interest in the mine. 


UAV mining Surveys

ATEC-3D are ideally placed to conduct UAV mining surveys. Having a team with years of experience in different aspects of the mining sector, including vast experience of open cast mining means that they can offer an accurate representation of data that you require for mining projects to commence.

What formats can we deliver?

ATEC-3D can output multiple files such as Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models. Below is a short description of what each can offer:

  • DTM = (earth) surface models without any objects.

  • DSM = (earth) surface models including the objects on it.

Traditionally creating Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and base maps has been expensive and time consuming but with our UAV systems, we can provide extremely fast, accurate and cost effective mapping results. Our UAV mining surveys can also be used to reduce the time spent calculating areas of stock pile, bench, pit, spoil, and various other metrics.

By creating a high quality DTM with integrated high resolution images, the client is able to access a substantial amount of data for calculations and obtaining accurate positions of equipment on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

This cost effective process can increase project control and give up to date production estimates at a moment’s notice.

As part of our UAV mining surveys, ATEC-3D can produce Digital Surface Models (DSM’s) which are digital representations of ground surfaces and it’s objects. DSM formats (GeoTIFF, XYZ or TIN model) can be imported into any GIS or CAD package. Photo mosaics are created by projecting the texture of raw images onto the DSM.

ATEC-3D can also provide intelligent colour balancing and standard outputs of optimised data with compatibility for most photo software packages.

The ATEC-3D UAV mining surveys system is aimed at mining companies’ that need accurate and fast results. The accuracy is comparable to LiDAR. Advanced software and supports the import of Ground Control Points (GCPs) in specific coordinate systems. This results in higher accuracy. Using an optimised hardware setup, it takes anything from 2 hours to multiple days depending on the requested density and size of the grid.


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