We can Process your RAW data if that is something that you deem necessary, check below for the full amount of information.

If we have taken a group of images for you and you need the data processed, then look no further, as we can process the RAW Data for you. this is extremely useful if you are looking for a Orthomosiac image, which can tell you many different things, such as true distances, vegetation and soil. this is helpful if you have a plot of land that you need to check out and make sure that all is well, or simply if you need to make sure that all of your crops are getting the correct amount of water. We use trusted programs such as Pix4D to guarantee the most accurate results for you.  we will come out to your desired location (preferably with Ground Control Points) and we can use the data to create your very own Orthomosiac, or even a 3D model for you.


Our processing will give you a Geo-accurate orthographic imagery, getting the images to a 2mm accurate point, so you are only receiving the best information that is physically available!

We Process at the very reasonable price of £45 per Hour.