We can process your RAW data to a professional standard and with reliable outputs.

If ATEC-3D have collected RAW data for you on a project, they can process this data in to multiple output formats. This service can be extremely useful if you are looking for an orthomosiac image, which can provide data such as true distances, vegetation growth and stock pile calculations. This can be useful data if you have a plot of land that you need to check/monitor or if you require regular updated images for comparison. We use industry standard software such as Pix4D to guarantee accurate results for our clients.  We will attend a desired location to capture required data which we can use to create your very own orthomosiac image, or even a 3D model.

If a client requires a greater accuracy on the data we collect, either they or us can provide ground control points on site. This allows ours processing to have pin-point accuracy for greater success and geo-accuracy.

Our processing team have been working in this industry for over 10 years and have a wealth of knowledge on how to provide a client with the most accurate data possible.

Our fee for processing is £45 per hour.

Drone Aerial Mapping