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Many people fly their drones competently and safely as a hobbyist and we have courses that can help you reach that stage. For those who wish to operate their UAV commercially, we have our PfCO course (Permission for Commercial Operations), which is what you require to fulfil the CAA regulations on commercial work.


The route to training with ATEC-3D

The rules governing who is allowed to fly a UAV for commercial purposes are laid out in the

Civil Aircraft Publication (CAP)722 7.3th Edition 04 September 2019 and the Air Navigation

(Amendment) Order 2016 CAP393, these are papers published by the CAA which form the

basis of air law.

For a UAS of under 20Kg (ie most DJI drones) you need an NQE competency assessment which must consist of the following:

  • Adequate theoretical knowledge/ general airmanship.

  • Successful completion of a practical flight assessment on the class of SUA that is being applied for.

  • A minimum amount of recent flying experience on the class of SUA that is being applied for.

  • Submission to the CAA of a personalised Operations Manual which outlines the operator’s systems and procedures.


Beginner's course

This is the ideal course for anybody who is completely new to drones and wants to do things properly. Not only will we assist you in flying your craft, but we will demonstrate how to do so safely, including how to plan a flight to ensure all measures are considered. Students will also be given a hard copy of The Drone Code to take away with them.


Cost: £40inc VAT

Duration: 2 Hours


Basic course

This is a good choice if you have a drone equipped with a camera, as well as the above we will give you advice and instruction on how to fly in the different modes of your craft and when to use them. We can help you choose the setting that will give you the best images from your drone and show you how to keep everything updated. We will also have a classroom session on the rules and laws covering the use of drones in the UK with a short test to check your understanding.


Cost: £150inc VAT

Duration: 1.5 days


PfCO course

Options are available to suit those with or without previous qualifications and to split the ground

school and flight assessments if required.

Ground School only:
This is the ‘theoretical’ part of the PfCO course and consists of two modules, each taking 1-2 days.

Module 1 covers Air Law including all the new legislation as it comes in, Airspace Operating

Principles, Airmanship and Aviation Safety.
Module 2 covers Human Factors, Meteorology, Charts, Aircraft Knowledge and Operating Procedures.
You will be issued with a workbook to use for revision and note-taking, the study of this will assist you in your written examination.


Cost: £350exc VAT

Duration: 3 days

Flight assessment only: 
We will spend a day giving you your flight assessment to meet the requirements of the PfCO and in

accordance with your Operations Manual. However this will only be available to you if you have

completed units 1 & 2 of the ground school with ATEC-3D.

This option allows you to spread the cost by attending the ground school and flight assessments


Cost: £250exc VAT  

Duration: 1 Day

Ground School & Flight Assessment:

The full PfCO training includes the above ground school plus your flight assessment.

Please note that the flight assessment may be held at a different time to your ground school due to availability, the readiness of your Operations Manual or weather conditions. We are happy to make an examiner available outside of business hours to accommodate this on request.

Cost: £550exc VAT  

Duration: 4 Days


I have a PPL license. Do I need a PfCO?

As a PPL license holder, you will still need to complete a PfCO course, however you will already have

a good understanding of airmanship and air law. This will mean that the duration of your course is

much shorter. We will conduct a flight assessment and go over all of your documentation and

planning. This will help to speed up your application to the CAA for a PfCO certification.


Cost: £400inc VAT

Duration: 1 days (+1 day for flight assessment)

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