Aerial Mapping / Inspections

ATEC-3D can conduct aerial mapping flights rapidly in the most difficult, remote, hard to reach areas and in poor weather conditions.

Using a fixed wing UAV to map means a large area can be covered rapidly and safely. We can avoid having to enter potentially hazardous or dangerous areas by conducting our work from a safe distance. This could be useful when mapping areas such as:

  • Train lines
  • Cliff top and coastal areas
  • Fire damaged buildings
  • Archaeological sites
  • Pipelines
  • Forests

Three Visualisations of the Same Mapping Data

UAV Aerial Surveys and Inspections Kent UAV Aerial Surveys and Inspections Kent UAV Aerial Surveys and Inspections Kent

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Using our systems is quicker and more cost effective than a traditional ground survey as several kilometres can be photographed or mapped in a single flight.

Using our multi-rotor drones, we can focus on specific areas of interest and have the ability to fly into awkward, hard to reach places where it may not be possible to access those areas by other means. This type of survey could be useful when looking at:

  • Rooftops
  • Power Lines
  • Sky lights
  • Chimney stacks

The cost effectiveness of using drones to inspect or map hard to reach areas is very important too. When inspecting a rooftop, the erection of scaffolding can vary from £650-£1000+ for a minimum hire time of 2 weeks. This doesn’t include to labour of a roofer to inspect the roof in person and report back on works. Here at ATEC-3D we can do a roof inspection using a drone, in a 1 hour time slot. We produce 5 hi-resolution images to you and all for a cost of £199.00 inc VAT. That’s a saving of potentially £800!

We can also do much more detailed inspection which involves us attending the site for 4 hours, collating hundreds of hi-resolution images, covering every section of your roof and guttering. We would produce a Scopito report (in depth reporting process) and provide you with a copy of all of the images for £450 inc VAT!

Aerial imagery offers a much improved vantage point versus ground based observations. Aerial mapping can distinguish very subtle differences over a variety of different landscapes that might not be as easily visible from the ground.

Costly road or lane closures can be avoided meaning our work can be conducted with the minimum of fuss and disruption to customers or land owners.

Our data can be processed to produce a large orthomosaic 2D image or 3D models. By also identifying specific ground control points, when processing we can produce Digital Elevation or Surface Models with accuracy down to a few centimetres.

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