uav surveys construction industryATEC-3D can help support planning applications for various types of construction.

If you are planning any type of build we can provide imagery at different stages to help give a better perspective of overall progress and help monitor individual contractors.

Our approach is quick, cost-effective, and will cause minimal disruption. We can cover areas that may not be easily accessible from the ground.

uav surveys constructionOnce ATEC-3D have set up and saved a flight path the same area can be covered time and time again meaning you get an accurate and up to date report on progress at any stage of a project.

Our services are an extremely valuable tool for construction companies both at the planning stage and at various other stages during a build.

We can assist with a project of any size, from large civil engineering and construction jobs such as the building of new roads, bridges, dams, schools & hospitals down to much smaller individual builds or demolition projects.

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