Environmental Monitoring

Vegetation Classification and Habitat Mapping

UAV environmental monitoringThe ATEC-3D team use a variety of UAV environmental monitoring methods to identify habitat zones, using classifications developed by national conservation agencies and National Vegetation Classifications (NVC), designed by the Joint Nature Conservation Commodity (JNCC) to protect natural resources.

Combined with our rapid surveying system, our UAV environmental monitoring services are able to provide our clients with accurate maps highlighting altering biological zonation for environmental risk analysis, biodiversity action planning and environmental monitoring at a low cost.

Hydrological Processes

Data collected by ATEC-3D’s UAV’s can produce highly accurate, cost effective base maps for a variety of hydrological analytical processes such as

  • Water droplet analysis for identification of flows
  • Fluvial processes
  • Catchment development
  • Flood and water dispersion analysis
  • Line  of site  analysis
  • Flood risk analysis

UAV environmental monitoring kentAn important feature when conducting monitoring programs and environmental impact assessments is the ability to produce accurate line of site analyses to enable precision placement of monitoring equipment, communication systems and other remote relay systems. This can help reduce costs and maximise equipment usability.

This will also highlight possible impacts from construction or property development on communities and the surrounding environment.

Sample Site Identification and Planning

UAV environmental monitoring surveys ukWith the latest maps our clients are able to identify features that may not be seen when on the ground. Maps produced by the ATEC-3D system can be integrated into most platforms for environmental baseline planning.

The identification of fluvial and terrestrial sample points has never been so easy. Points, transects and grids can be accurately introduced onto usable field maps and updated to give real time data points.

UAV Environmental Monitoring

Increase accuracy in:

  • Environmental Management
  • Planning Baseline for human settlements
  • Accommodation site planning
  • Biodiversity Action Planning
  • Geodiversity Protection
  • Real time planning and monitoring

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