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ATEC-3D has a number of UAV training courses ready for you to access to further your way into the UAV world.

While you may love to use your state of the art Drone, Trust us when we tell you that doing it for commercial reasons is even better, and there is one way you can doing it legally and commercially, by getting the CAA’s (Civil Aviation Authority) approval and we can help you get that! We offer a range of courses that can help you on your way into the commercial side of flying drones.

below we show you the types of courses and prices that you may need. You can see that our highly informative lessons range from a young hobbyist to a full time professional, so we really do have it all ready for you. We offer a full PFCO which is essential for any commercial drone pilot looking to get their feet in the door of the drone world.

If you are looking to do commercial jobs and get paid, then you will definitely need us to guide you along the legal route, with our relatively cheap lessons and highly skilled operatives, we can give you the full scope of what you need and when you need it.

We offer both ground school and a flight assessment to make sure you know your stuff, and that you can fly like a professional, remembering all the do’s and don’ts of drones. Our lessons will only take a week at the most so you will be out there and flying in no time at all!

Taking our courses has never been more affordable and you will be learning from true professionals who have years of experience, so you will be in safe hands flying with us. If you are interested, use the contact for below or use our email to get a hold of us. its as easy as that! So let us take you through the courses below, and what they will entail:



UAV Training Courses :

We now offer a fully fledged training course for those whom wish to be capable to fly, and those who may want to work with us as associates, We have been given the rights and responsiblities to make sure you are air worthy, so take a look below and see what we can offer you.

To enquire about these courses or to ask any questions related to training, please fill in the form below.



Looking at that table above, we know that can look daunting and possibly scary. But you will be in safe hands with us, and we are going to tell you what each one means for you:

Beginner: This course is the least daunting, but essential, as it can start your journey into the world of drones, and would be a good idea to have under your belt, you may even find that there are some rules that you didn’t even know!                                                                                                              Cost: £40/Inc VAT            Duration: 2 Hours

Basic: This one does what it says on the tin. You will learn the basics of flight, and all the safety procedures that one will need to know when out flying, even if you are only doing it as a hobby! You will learn such things as safety and laws of flying drones, with this you’ll be prepared for flying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cost: £150/Inc VAT        Duration: 1 and a half day

Base: this one is very essential for any drone enthusiast, you’ll be spending your time learning the principles of an aircraft, and knowing how one works can be extremely useful (and definitely a requirement for earning revenue!) you will also go through the air laws making you understand their principles and why these laws are in place.                                                                                                                                        Cost: £200/Inc VAT        Duration: 2 Days

 Ground School:  This set is made up of 2 units which take 2 days each to complete. The first unit will consist of understanding the importance of air safety and airmanship, you will also learn a very important lesson, which is Basic Meteorology for the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) This is a must know for anyone looking to step foot in the drone commercial world.

The second unit is larger and you will be looking at things like:

The understanding of flying remotely piloted Aircraft system, another important task will be understanding how to map read and using navigation systems.

Next on the agenda will be the use of VLOS flight and also retrieving the flight data, two extremely important tasks for any professional! We will even teach you how to process data using revolutionary software such as Pix4D, by the end you will also understand the basics of taking off, landing, the full flight procedure,  and even troubleshooting (very useful information to have under your belt, trust us)

Log books would be the next thing that we would teach you as any professional would be smart to have them! We will even go through the risk assessments with you.

While this one looks like the most scary and daunting lesson set you will come across, you will be in the safe hands of our instructor who will patiently go through every detail in a way that you can understand.                                                                                                                    Cost:£850/Inc VAT        Duration: 4 Days (Unit 1=2 Days/Unit 2=2 Days)   

Ground School and flight assessments: This one is seen as the essential lesson set for any professional, as not only do we take you through the ground school set, but we will also go through your necessary flight assessments to make sure you are air worthy as well as knowledgeable on the subjects that you need!                                                                                                                              Cost: £1200/Inc VAT     Duration: 5 Days (1 day Flight Assessment) 

Extra flight assessment: We will spend an entire day giving you an extra flight assessment to make sure you know exactly what you are doing, as well as to make sure you are safe and comfortable flying the drone of your choice. However this will only be available to you if you have completed the units 1 & 2 of the ground school lessons.                                                                                                                                  Cost:£120/Inc VAT                Duration: 1 Day

PPL students that require a flight test and recommendation to the CAA: for this one we will give you a flight test and go over all your documentation to make sure the CAA will happily accept your application with open arms.                                                     Cost:£400/Inc VAT               Duration 2 Days ( 1 day desk study & 1 day flight test)

Flight Assessments: We will sit through your flight assessments for you and go through the documents that you may need to make sure you are all legal for the CAA to check, this will only take one day and you can be out there and flying with all the legal background you can have.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cost: £350/Inc VAT           Duration 1 Day

Yearly flight re-assessments and re-submissions to the CAA: for this we will give you two flight assessments and go over your documents to make sure that there is no problem with you legal ability to fly!                                                                                                                                                                  Cost:£200/ Inc VAT                 Duration: 1 Day 

We hope this may clear a few things up for you, and if it didn’t then please do email us with any question that you may have about the flight training and we will get back to you with a clear answer as soon as we physically can.

We will also be providing Workshop classes, details on these will be provided as and when they have been confirmed.



Course nameIntended studentDurationSubjects coveredCost
BeginnerYoung hobbyist2 HrsFlying instruction do’s and don’ts£40 INC VAT
BasicHobby or sport½ dayFlying instruction£150 INC VAT
Flight logs
BaseHobby1 dayUnderstand the principles of an aircraft£200 INC VAT
SportUnderstand the principles of Air Law
Ground SchoolPre ProfessionalUnit 1 - 2 daysUnderstand air safety and airmanship
Basic Meteorology for the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)
Unit 2 - 2 daysUnderstand Flight of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)
Understand Navigation and Map Reading
Understand VLOS Flights
Understand retrieving flight data
Understand how to process data
Understand Take offs, Landings & Troubleshooting
Understand In-Flight Control
Understand a full flight procedure
Log books and record keeping
Understand the requirements of maintenance and repair
Understand lost aircraft procedure
Understand Risk and Threat assessments£850 INC VAT
Ground school and flight assessmentsFULL PfCO4 + 1 dayGround School + Flight assessments£1200 INC VAT
EXTRA Flight assessmentOnly if successfully completed ground school Unit 1 & 21 dayAssessment£120 INC VAT
PPL students that require Flight test and recommendation to CAAFULL PfCO1 day desk study + 1 dayFull document check and 2 flight assessments£400 INC VAT
Flight assessmentUnit 3 flight assessment1 dayFlight assessment and document checks£350 INC VAT
Yearly Flight Re-assessments for re-submissions to CAAFULL PfCO1 dayFull document check and 2 flight assessments£200 INC VAT

To enquire about these courses or to ask any questions related to training, please fill in the form below.

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