UAV Training Courses

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ATEC-3D has a number of UAV training courses ready for you to access to further your way into the UAV world.


UAV Training Courses :

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Course nameIntended studentDurationSubjects coveredCost
BeginnerYoung hobbyist2 HrsFlying instruction do’s and don’ts£40 INC VAT
BasicHobby or sport½ dayFlying instruction£150 INC VAT
Flight logs
BaseHobby1 dayUnderstand the principles of an aircraft£200 INC VAT
SportUnderstand the principles of Air Law
Ground SchoolPre ProfessionalUnit 1 - 2 daysUnderstand air safety and airmanship
Basic Meteorology for the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)
Unit 2 - 2 daysUnderstand Flight of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)
Understand Navigation and Map Reading
Understand VLOS Flights
Understand retrieving flight data
Understand how to process data
Understand Take offs, Landings & Troubleshooting
Understand In-Flight Control
Understand a full flight procedure
Log books and record keeping
Understand the requirements of maintenance and repair
Understand lost aircraft procedure
Understand Risk and Threat assessments£850 INC VAT
Ground school and flight assessmentsFULL PfCO4 + 1 dayGround School + Flight assessments£1200 INC VAT
EXTRA Flight assessmentOnly if successfully completed ground school Unit 1 & 21 dayAssessment£120 INC VAT
PPL students that require Flight test and recommendation to CAAFULL PfCO1 day desk study + 1 dayFull document check and 2 flight assessments£400 INC VAT
Flight assessmentUnit 3 flight assessment1 dayFlight assessment and document checks£250 INC VAT
Yearly Flight Re-assessments for re-submissions to CAAFULL PfCO1 dayFull document check and 2 flight assessments£200 INC VAT
We will also be providing Workshop classes, details on these will be provided as and when they have been confirmed.