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ATEC-3D specialises in 3D model creation, Internal and External scanning allows us to build a model with precise accuracy, this has been used in a multitude of ways including the creation of virtual tours, property management and historical documentation. This is one of our company specialities in aerial surveying.


Atec-3d have created several virtual tours that are currently being used for promotional and educational uses in schools and historically important sites. Below we have examples of these tours including significant points of interest.
ATEC-3D point of interest system allows us to make 3D tours fully interactive, fun and educational. An exceptional learning or marketing tool.
This can also be used to keep record of internal conditions for landlords or for the internal structure monitoring for construction.


ATEC-3D 3D external models allows clients to see every external inch of their property. Property management companies use this service to assess the extent of work their property needs, or sometimes to document the work done.

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