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Decision Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food Nexus in complex transboundary water resource systems of fast developing countries using Aerial Photography and drones.

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ATEC-3D were part of the Europeans Union DAFNE project in Africa, studying the nexus between water, energy, food, and the environment. Using ATEC-3D UAS Systems we were able to gather data to better understand the movement of water through the heart of Africa, specifically, Zambia and Ethiopia. The data and completed findings of this project lays the foundations for improved infrastructure in Africa.

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ATEC-3D travelled to Africa three times over the span of 9 months, each time to collect data from different areas of study. Altogether this project has taken the company nearly 3 years to complete, with the findings being published later this year by the project as a whole.

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It is the hope of ATEC-3D that improved infrastructure and more efficient use of water, will lead to a better quality of life for those living in Africa. With better infrastructure will provide more jobs, safer drinking water and better crop yields. In turn this will stimulate economic growth and the development of these less fortunate societies.

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