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Drone Training

ATEC-3D, one of the UK’s earliest CAA-approved drone training suppliers has just been re-certified by the CAA to be able to provide A2 Certificate of Competence and GVC training.

A2 CofC

Give yourself more options in the Open category

The A2 certificate of Competence is a new qualification that is designed to show that you have undergone training in planning flights and operating your drone safely in areas where there are likely to be uninvolved persons.

With this qualification, you are able to fly in built-up areas with 'legacy' drones of up to 2Kg as long as you keep a horizontal separation of 50m from uninvolved persons. Once new 'C' marked drones hit the market you will be able to fly closer when a special mode is selected.

You can of course currently fly in these areas legally with drones of less than 250g such as the Mavic Mini 1&2, however, having this CAA recognised qualification gives you something to show prospective clients and authorising bodies to assure them that you have had training in flight safety, managing risks, and keeping records.

GVC (General VLOS Certificate)

Fly unmanned aircraft of up to 25Kg in the 'Specific' category

This certification which includes theory and practical assessment, plus the creation of an 'Operations Manual' which outlines your operating procedures to ensure your skills, knowledge and operations meet enhanced standards.

This then allows flights in areas that are otherwise inaccessible, and is the standard that most companies will be looking for when employing a drone operator for commercial work. 

It is important to understand that the certificate itself does not give any privileges, it is used as part of an application to the CAA for an 'operational Authorisation' which gives you permissions to fly within certain parameters.


Most people choose to go for what would have been 'standard permissions' in the old PfCO system, and is now referred to as PDRA-01 ie:

  • 400' max height above take-off level

  • 30m separation from uninvolved persons on take-off

  • 50m 'bubble' separation from uninvolved persons whilst in flight

  • Flights to be conducted within VLOS of your craft to a maximum of 500m

  • No flights within 150m horizontally of large groups of people.

Corporate training

Training drone teams within your business

ATEC-3D can offer drone training to companies who wish to run their own drone fleet. 

Training can be scaled to suit the business, from building companies who wish to fly in the Open Category with small drones, to surveyors who wish to fly large multirotor or fixed wing drones for mapping and inspection purposes.

Training can be held at your premises to make it easier for your team, and we can also help you with selection of equipment if you have not yet purchased it, we have access to drones from multiple manufacturers via our hardware partner.

Building trade bundle deal

The right drone and training for your application

When the CAA removed the requirement to gain permission from them in order to use a drone for your business it allowed rooferrs, builders, surveyors etc access to this incredible tool to add value or reduce costs.

There are however, still rules and limitations that need to be addressed in order to prevent you from exposing your business to prosecution or fines.

Contact us with your requirements and we can advise on the best drone to suit your needs, and give you a price for the drone and suitable training combined.

Associate scheme

Reduce your costs and administration

Our associate scheme is designed for those people who wish to have access to the benefits of CAA Operational Authorisations but without having to write and update an operations manual, buy drone-specific insurance or maintain their own records.

On passing your GVC with ATEC-3D, we can give you the option of gaining your own permissions or joining ATEC-3D as an associate pilot.

Drone and training bundles

Get the right drone for you, and the right level of training for your drone.

Contact us or our hardware partner for help finding the best drone for you, whether it is to further your photography hobby or to 3D scan a building. We can then make sure you are advised on the best training package for you and offer you a discounted price on the two together.

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