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Expert Service

Roof inspections are the bread and butter of the ATEC-3D construction division, our company has been performing roof inspections using aerial photography for a decade and our expert team of drone pilots have become one of the most trusted teams in the south-east and London.

  • Thermal imagery.

  • Associated with MRICS chartered surveyors.

  • SCOPITO – Data backed predictive maintenance.

  • Industrial sites welcome

  • Cost effective & Time saving when compared to standard roof surveys


Expert Service

ATEC-3D can help manage a large number of unique infrastructure developments, using our Fixed Wing and Multi Rotor UAS systems we can produce accurate, high resolution data that can be crucial to the progression of your project.

  • Up to 6km2 per day covered.

  • High resolution base maps

  • Point cloud data for the production of DSM and DTM.

  • 3D modelling using point cloud data and photogrammetry.

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